2020 Maryland Primary Election - Unofficial Numbers

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2020 Maryland Primary Election - Unofficial Numbers

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(WMDT-TV) — The Maryland State Board of Elections has released the unofficial results of Tuesday’s primary elections as of 11:55 PM.

Rep. Nominations

President Donald Trump – 184,073 votes (88.3%)

Bill Weld – 24,469 (11.7%)

Dem. Nominations

Former VP Joe Biden- 418,918 votes (85.3%)

Sen. Bernie Sanders- 28,670 votes (5.8%)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren- 9,863 votes (2%)

Congressional D-1 Rep. Nominations

Rep. Andy Harris – 49,207 votes (81.7%)

Jorge Delgado – 11,058 votes (18.3%)

Congressional D-1 Dem. Nominations

Allison Galbraith – 14,820 votes (40.9%)

Mia Mason – 14,424 votes (39.8%)

Jennifer Pingley – 7,019 votes (19.4%)


Courtesy: WMDT-TV