3 Salisbury PD Officers, 1 Wicomico State’s Attorney’s Office Prosecutor placed on leave

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3 Salisbury PD Officers, 1 Wicomico State’s Attorney’s Office Prosecutor placed on leave

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SALISBURY, Md. – 47 ABC has confirmed that three Salisbury Police officers and one prosecutor from the Wicomico County State’s Attorney’s office have been placed on leave.

This after an investigation revealed information that the actions of the four people in question may be a factor in the exoneration of several defendants in circuit court and district court criminal cases.  Both a spokesperson from the State’s Attorney’s office and Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan say this is not related to the investigation currently underway into a Salisbury Police civilian employee assigned to their evidence room. They also confirmed that all four have not been criminally charged.

Wico. Co. State’s Attorney Jamie Dykes released a statement on the matter saying:

“The State was made aware of information that is potentially exculpatory; we are fulfilling our legal and ethical obligations. This information may impact pending criminal cases and whether or not there are other pending investigations, I am not at liberty to say. As a result of receiving this information, a prosecutor is on leave pending further information.  We have faith and trust our court system to make appropriate determinations at the appropriate time.”

We’re told that because of this, disclosures are in the process of being sent to all defense attorneys or defendants that have had cases since 2012 with the three officers in question.


Courtesy: WMDT-TV