First Coronavirus case confirmed in Talbot County

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First Coronavirus case confirmed in Talbot County

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TALBOT COUNTY, Md. –  Talbot County health officials confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the county on Sunday, making it the first positive case on the Eastern Shore.

In a press conference Sunday afternoon, the County Council President Corey Pack announced that Talbot County will declare a local State of Emergency on Monday.  Talbot County EMS officials told 47 ABC they’ve upgraded their response right now to an enhanced level after the case was confirmed.

Officials said the individual is being hospitalized in Easton after coming into contact with a person in another county infected with the virus.  We’re told EMS has been in contact with county and state officials to decide the best course of action for Talbot residents.

They said they will release information about any new confirmed cases on their website and the Department of Emergency Services’ Facebook.


Courtesy: WMDT-TV