MD State Highway Administration asks drivers to slow down on the Rt. 50 Bridge

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MD State Highway Administration asks drivers to slow down on the Rt. 50 Bridge

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OCEAN CITY, Md. – The Maryland State Highway Administration has a message for drivers on the Route 50 bridge: Slow down!

We’re told drivers have been getting too close to workers on the Route 50 bridge, and many drivers have been going over the 35 mile per hour speed limit on the bridge.  While drivers can’t necessarily move over on the bridge due to lane closures, they can at least try to keep their distance from workers.  Additionally, MSHA says drivers on the bridge should keep a sharp eye out for things like work trucks because they’re constantly moving in and out of traffic.

Bob Rager, a Spokesperson for MSHA said, “We’ve got some equipment moving in and out of traffic, we’ve got workers who actually have to cross the bridge here and go from one side to the other to get their jobs done, so we want motorists to do the speed limit here at 35 miles per hour and please keep an eye out for our crews out here.”

We’re told pedestrians and bicyclists need to watch out too. That’s because only the westbound sidewalk is open right now and there are constantly workers coming in and out of hatches that are in the sidewalk. Pedestrians and bicyclists should also watch out for each other because the sidewalk is narrow and accidents can happen.

The lane closures on the Route 50 bridge should end in early March.


Courtesy: WMDT-TV