Univ. of DE giving high school students free college courses

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Univ. of DE giving high school students free college courses

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GEORGETOWN, Del. –  There’s a new program that is going to be offered by the University of Delaware that will allow high schoolers in Delaware to enroll in the University’s courses.

“This is going to propel them to even greater strengths to get college credit, while in high school,” Art Doakes, Student Service Coordinator, said.  The new program will give juniors and seniors in the first state the opportunity to earn up to a full semester of college credits before they even graduate.  “It’s going to add to our opportunity to be able to offer course choices to students where we may not have the resources to offer certain opportunities,” Eric Anderson, Head of School at Sussex Academy, said.

Courses will be transmitted live from the Newark campus through interactive online streaming.

“It gives them an opportunity to actually look at our mission, they experience, they explore, and they get educated, so I think our students are going to welcome that opportunity,” Doakes said.  But perhaps one of the best parts about this new program, is that it’s going to be completely free of charge.  “It is good that we can take that financial stress off of our families because as we know not everyone can afford the rising cost of education,” Doakes said.

Anderson told us that he thinks the students at his school will take full advantage of this new opportunity.

“Our students are always looking for opportunities to take college classes or get college credits before they go away to college,” Anderson said.  Officials with UD told us while they are excited about this new program, a challenge they may face is lining up the live stream with students schedules.  UD told us this program will begin in the fall.

They said that there is no other program in the nation that offers high school students such an opportunity that is both statewide and free of charge.


Courtesy: WMDT-TV