Governor DE John Carney presents Fiscal Year 2021 Budget recommendations

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Governor DE John Carney presents Fiscal Year 2021 Budget recommendations

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DOVER, DE — State officials came together in Dover Thursday as Governor John Carney presented his budget for the state and officials tell 47 ABC they are pleased with his spending priorities.

“At the end of the day, public education is a tremendous part of our annual state budget it’s the investment that we need to continue to be making for our future,” says Senator Ernesto Lopez

Governor John Carney’s proposed fiscal year 2021 budget aims to build on key areas he focused on in his previous budget like economy and education.

“When the economy starts to soften that spending on those projects will continue and people will be employed and people will be making money as a result of it and it’ll have the effect of softening that recession when it comes,” says Governor Carney.  In the governor’s proposed budget school construction costs will be a major investment with almost 72 million going towards the Capital, Cape Henlopen and Indian River School Districts.  “A lot of money is going into Sussex County for new school buildings and school renovations and that is determined basically on need and by referendum that are done in those areas,” continued Carney.

New to the budget this time around is the clean water initiative and about 50 million dollars will be dedicated to it.

“It’ll definitely help the communities and the dredging for our shorelines you know it’s something that needed to be done but with the budget the way it was in the past we weren’t able to do it so I’m glad that we’re moving forward with that,” says Senator David Wilson.  Overall, Carney’s recommended budget aims to improve Delawareans quality of life while also making long term investments.  “It’s for the whole state, these investments that we’re making whether it’s in our school construction or higher education, beach preservation or land preservation, everybody benefits,” says Governor Carney.

Governor John Carney also set aside more than 161 million dollars in reserve funding to ensure future budget stability.


Courtesy: WMDT-TV