DE Gov. Carney delivers State of the State address

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DE Gov. Carney delivers State of the State address

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DOVER, Del. – On Thursday, dozens of lawmakers packed into Legislative Hall to hear Governor John Carney’s 2020 State of the State address.

Governor Carney spoke about a number of topics, including education, crime, and spending in the state.  “This is my fourth time addressing this body as your governor, and as we start the last year of my first term, it feels appropriate to take stock,” Carney said.

In his speech, Governor Carney mentioned the increase of jobs in the state.  ”Compared to when I took office, 20,000 more people go to work in Delaware,” he said.

The governor also spoke of things that impact education across the entire state, like high speed internet.  “Kimberly Hopkins is an educator in Seaford,” he said. “Without access to high speed internet, Kimberly couldn’t grade papers online at night, and her son with autism couldn’t get his videos to buffer.”

Carney took time to mention the prison system in Delaware and the need to continue rehabilitation efforts.  “It’s in all of our interests that these individuals leave prison better than when they entered,” he explained.  While Carney praised the work lawmakers have done in several areas, he says there’s still more work to be done, says he’s excited to continue to lead the state of Delaware.

“So let’s continue to work together over the next year, to build on the promises we’ve made, to give people faith in their government,” he said.

Courtesy: WMDT-TV